My Impington Experience: Supportive, diverse and fun

  • Olivia Liggins, Year 12 student

Why did you choose to further your studies at Impington International College (IIC)? What stood out to you about its offering?

The versatility of the course really stood out for me! I found the International Baccalaureate (IB) particularly appealing because my interests lie across so many different subjects and the Diploma Programme (DP) allows me to focus on the ‘core’ subjects that I would like to study at university while enabling me to continue to develop knowledge and skills across other subjects that I am interested in.


What appealed to you most about your chosen pathway at IIC?

The DP stood out to me as it allowed me to continue with the subjects that I really enjoy, but wouldn’t have continued had I have taken A-Levels. I am a keen and passionate dancer but I wouldn’t consider a career in dance and I wouldn’t have continued studying it if I had to narrow my subjects down to just three. The DP allows me to continue studying dance while also focusing on the subjects that I need to take to study my desired course at university level.


What elements of your study are you currently enjoying the most and why?

I am really enjoying Visual Arts at the moment because, while it is a structured course, there is the freedom for me to explore my interests.


How was the transition from Impington Village College (IVC) to IIC?

I didn’t find the transition too difficult. As a student at IVC, I built relationships with teachers that were able to support me through my time doing GCSEs, both academically and mentally. It was comforting to know that I would still have all the support I had received in previous years when transitioning to IIC.


What support was offered to you from teachers/staff when choosing what you wanted to study? 

During the application process, we had guidance meetings which allowed us to discuss our subject choices and ask any questions about the courses we were considering.


How have the teachers at IIC helped you with balancing your workload and with exam preparation?

The teachers at IIC are aware, and recognise, that the workload can be demanding. Teachers are often available, and contactable, on Microsoft Teams for queries and help with homework. For questions I had that were too complicated to be answered using a chat function, I received one on one ‘tutoring’ from my teachers to help guide me in the right direction.


Tell us about any extra-curricular clubs you are a part of – how did you get involved, and why?

I am a member of Cambridge Youth Dance Company, led by Kate Durrant – an industry professional and amazing Teacher. When I was in Year 9, the Dance Teachers at IVC recognised my passion for the art and recommended Kate’s class to me. As a member of the Company, I feel like I have improved, and developed as a dancer so much, but had it not been for the teachers at Impington encouraging me, I would not have been provided with so many amazing opportunities.


What are you hoping to do following your studies at IIC?

I would love to go to university to study conceptual architecture.


What advice would you give to younger students when choosing where to study next?

Don’t let the number of subjects in the IB daunt you or discourage from choosing to study at IIC. The extra subjects allow you to continue your studies in a range of academic areas which provides versatility and a wide spectrum of knowledge which you can apply to your other higher-level subjects.


If you could sum up your IIC experience in three words, what would they be?

Supportive, diverse and fun.