My Impington Experience: Independent, creative and supportive

  • Thea Burke, Year 12 student

Why did you choose to further your studies at Impington International College (IIC)? What stood out to you about its offering?

I chose IIC because I was interested in doing the International Baccalaureate (IB) and, when I visited the College, the teachers were all very enthusiastic and friendly. The College felt more like a community than any other school I had visited.


What appealed to you most about your chosen pathway at IIC?

I really liked that the IB was partially assessed through coursework, which takes pressure off the final exams. I also wanted to study the IB because I was unsure about what I want to do in the future and the programme has kept my options open.


What elements of your study are you currently enjoying the most and why?

I am currently enjoying Global Politics the most because I really enjoy learning more about what is going on in different countries around the world.


How was the transition from your previous school to IIC? What support were you offered from members of staff?

I had lots of meetings with staff to help me to choose my subjects and discuss any questions I had. I was also given plenty of ways to contact teachers, such as their email addresses, and I was encouraged to get in touch with any other questions I had.


What support was offered to you from teachers/staff when choosing what you wanted to study? 

I had multiple meetings with the College leadership team and spoke to many teachers at the Open Evenings. I was also given lots of course information leaflets which helped me to make my decision.


How have the teachers at IIC helped you with balancing your workload and with exam preparation?

Teachers go into lots of detail about how to answer specific exam questions, and often give us time to prepare before their lesson. I have found this particularly helpful because I know how I am going to structure my answer before I do the test and feel confident about my work.


What support has been offered to you by IIC to prepare you for these next steps?

Many teachers have taught me skills that I will have to use in university, like essay writing. I know I will have support when writing my personal statement and this makes me feel more confident about applying to university.


What are you hoping to do following your studies at IIC?

I am hoping to go to university to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I am not sure what career I would like yet but I have really enjoyed learning about Politics and Philosophy at IIC and would like to continue studying these subjects.


What advice would you give to younger students when choosing where to study next?

Make sure that you research all the subjects, courses, and schools. If given the opportunity, try and visit the schools you are interested in, because sometimes they can be quite different to what you expected.


If you could sum up your IIC experience in three words, what would they be?

Independent, creative and supportive.