My Impington Experience: Enthusiastic. Flexible. Driven.

  • Rory Lofthouse, Year 13 student

Why did you choose to study at Impington International College (IIC)? What stood out to you about its offering?

I moved to Switzerland when I was seven and studied the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) before moving to Denmark, where I studied the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). After studying two IB programmes, I knew I wanted to study the IB Diploma Programme. I researched the subjects available at IIC and learnt I could study Global Politics and German, which appealed to me so I decided to apply – and was accepted – to study at the College in 2021.

How was the transition to IIC? 

The learning community at the College is so welcoming. With helpful teachers, and a friendly environment, I had no challenges during my transition and whenever I had a question or needed additional support, all of my teachers were on hand to assist.

What subjects are you studying and why?

I am studying English, Geography and Global Politics at Higher Level while Biology, German and Mathematics are my Standard Level subjects. All of my subjects complement each other, which is one of the reasons I prefer the DP as I can tailor my subjects to my interests and strengths.

What is your favourite subject and why?

As I am studying Geography at university, you would think it was that. In actual fact, Global Politics is my favourite subject because it is different to all of the subjects I have studied previously. I particularly enjoy being able to hear different students’ perspectives during our group discussions.

Who is your favourite teacher and why?

Choosing a favourite teacher is difficult as they are all inspiring and passionate but I want to highlight Mr Gee, whose enthusiasm inspired my love of Global Politics. My Geography teachers also deserve to be celebrated for offering me unparalleled support during my time at the College.

Tell us about any extra-curricular clubs you are a part of – how did you get involved, and why? 

At the College, we take part in iCAS, which enables us to take part in a variety of different creative, community and physical activities. Most memorably, I was able to start a weekly journalism club with other students to create our own student newspaper for our iCAS activity.

What are you hoping to do following your studies at IIC? 

I have received an offer to study Geography at the University of Sheffield and will start my studies in September 2024.

Why would you recommend IIC to prospective students?

There are two reasons why I would recommend IIC to students considering their options for Sixth Form. Firstly, the breadth of the IB means that you are not limited in your subject choices and can pursue your interests fully. Secondly, there is a fantastic atmosphere at the College: pleasant, open and inclusive. You are supported with your academic and extra-curricular interests and the staff are waiting to help you succeed.

If you could sum up your IIC experience in three words, what would they be? 

Enthusiastic, flexible and driven.