My Impington Experience: Unique, rewarding and social

  • Ruby Decent, Year 12 student

Why did you choose to study at Impington International College (IIC)?

I chose Impington because it was the only Sixth Form in the area which gave me access to education specific to a career – for me, performing – without giving up on the quality academic studies too. It gave me the best of both worlds. I always wanted to go into Performing Arts but I didn’t want to fully specialise and limit my choices, which is why the International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP) was the best choice for me.

How was the transition to IIC?

I joined Impington fresh in Year 12. I previously went to a school in Bury St Edmunds, so I travel to the College every day, but it is totally worth the commute. I felt like the induction process was really personalised to me, with individual tours and meetings, and that meant a lot. It was really helpful.

What programme are you studying and why?

Through the CP, I study English Language and Literature, Visual Arts and Philosophy, as well as Performing Arts, which is my career-related study. I chose this range of subjects because I didn’t want to specialise too early on in life, and I am really enjoying the variety. I find the workload manageable because I have chosen a range of different subjects that have different ways of working and learning – from essay writing to dance.

Every six weeks we usually either have an industry workshop with performance professionals or we go and see a show – which I really love.

What extra-curricular activities do you do?

I am part of the College musical production team, we are currently working on Annie and this will be on stage in February next year. Rehearsals are taking up quite a lot of my time, but I am really enjoying it. I love that we have access to an on-site gym too.

I am also lucky enough to be part of the Performance School Scholarship programme, which is truly amazing. Every Friday, we have a two hour workshop and a two hour master class with the London Contemporary School of Dance. It offers a total route into the industry, which is really exciting.

Tell us about your typical day.

What I love most about Impington is the variety in our days, no two are the same, which keeps me engaged with my learning. I know that my longer study days are going to prepare me well for life after Impington and the world of work.

Currently in English, we are prepping for our oral assessment where we have to give a presentation about a literary or non-literary text; at the moment we have been doing a lot of work on comic strips. That is what is so great about the IB, it gives you the chance to have much for freedom and be creative.

What is your favourite subject and why?

I would have to say Performing Arts – it is the reason that I came to Impington! The teachers are amazing and have so much experience in the industry. I know it is going to prepare me so well for a potential career in performance.

Why would you recommend IIC to prospective students?

If you want qualifications that can broaden your horizons and take you in many different directions then Impington is for you. For example, I love Performing Arts but at the end of my two years here, I might not want to pursue a career in it, and because of the range of courses I have studied at Impington, I have the option to pursue something different.

If you could describe your experience at IIC in three words, what would they be?

Unique, rewarding and social